Frequently asked questions

What happens when I sign in and click next after viewing my map?
We generate an image for you out of your map. You can share this image then directly, or share the link to this page.

Why does the generation take so long?
It's a bit tricky to create high quality images. We're working on a solution to no longer wait in the future.

Why does the map have a Mapbox logo and OpenStreet Map attribution?
As we're using mapbox to show the map, this is a requirement. See the mapbox attribution guidelines.

How do you calculate the sweat in litres?
The number is based on a quick search how much you sweat in average during your workouts. It's not meant to be scientifically accurate.

Will you support the imperial system in the future?
Yes, it's planned. If you want to have it sooner, please contact us at

What do you store about me?
We don't store anything more than we need to show your map along with your name with your profile photo.

What if I want everything to be deleted?
Please reach out to us at and we will delete all your data.

If you have any questions, please get in touch 👋

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